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WUFI® 2D:  Some constructions cannot be modelled accurately by one-dimensional simulation. In these cases two-dimensional calculations with WUFI® 2D should be performed. Application examples are:


– moisture conditions at structural and geometrical thermal bridges – especially if the hygrothermal conditions inside the structure and not only on the surface are evaluated

– simulation of joints, connections and corner details

– timber framed constructions with multiple insulation layers

– building components with anisotropic materials

– three dimensional simulation of punctual penetrations with radial symmetry.

The input in WUFI® 2D and also the calculation is in comparison to WUFI® Pro more time-consuming. As far as two-dimensional problems can be solved one-dimensionally (incl. simple approaches for ventilation and rain water leakages) the simulation with WUFI® Pro is normally easier. Generally WUFI® 2D should be used in addition and not as an alternative to WUFI® Pro.

WUFI 2D Workshop -

Prerequisite:  WUFI Pro.  

2D simulations are required to evaluate the hygrothermal performance at thermal bridges, joints, foundations, corners, etc. The WUFI-2D Course includes hands-on project work and practical application cases as well as information on material anisotropy and differences with 1D simulations.  

WUFI 2-D 2012 (2-dimensional simulation, prerequisite is WUFI-ORNL / WUFI Pro):    

    WUFI 2-D and Advanced WUFI 1D  2-day Workshop:  February 4-5, 2013; Napa, CA.  This is the most comprehensive WUFI 2-D workshop offered in years (this is 2 days; last year was 1/2 day).  Cost:  $945.00.



WUFI 2D WORKSHOP, February 4 – 5, 2013

8:00 am to 5:00pm (Monday), 8:00 am to 3:30 pm (Tuesday) 

  • Advanced WUFI 1D topics. (Review of result evaluations, and interpretation of results
  • Differences of 1D and 2D calculations (anisotropy, boundary conditions etc.)
  • Heat and moisture bridges
  • Tour through WUFI® 2D (Results)
  • WUFI® 2D Application examples
    - Wooden baseplate on concrete slab
    - Interior basement insulation
    - Capillary active interior insulation
  • Hands on - Project case  
  • Tips and Tricks (Batch mode, reduced surface transfer in corners, evaluation  drafts etc…)
  • Special applications incl. CFD or radiant symmetry:

-     Simulation of half timbered heritage constructions

-     Hygrothermal conditions around wall ties

  • Q&A

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