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Natural Exposure Test (NET) Facilities -


          These facilities are designed to test wall and roof panels in the natural outdoor environment, rather than in pristine laboratory conditions. 

The purpose of this Natural Exposure Test Facility is to investigate and monitor the thermal and moisture performance of walls.  This information, including the outside weather conditions, will be incorporated in a hygrothermal computer-modeling program.  This research project will assist architects, engineers, and home builders in the selection of wall assemblies appropriate for the geographic region.  The emphasis will be on saving energy, lowering the cost of utilities, and making homes more comfortable.    



The U.S. Department of Energy, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and the EIFS Industry Members Association thank the Charleston County School District, Baptist Hill High School, and the Town of Hollywood for facilitating this research.

Funding for construction was provided by the EIFS Industry Members Association (EIMA).  Note:  EIFS = Exterior Insulation Finish System.  EIMA is testing 15 panels of existing and emerging insulated wall technologies.  They chose the most severe conditions for walls - the hot and humid climate of Hollywood, South Carolina, on John's Island just south of Charleston.  For more information about EIMA and EIFS, visit  A press release from the EIFS Industry Members Association (EIMA) is linked here.

Below are photos of the panel construction, where members of EIMA and Oak Ridge National Laboratory worked together, installing approximately 40 sensors among the wall layers in each panel.







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