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Modular Insert Fenestration System (MIFS)


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Modular Insert Fenestration System (MIFS)

A paper (click here) on this system was presented at the 10th Durability of Building Materials Conference in Lyon, France.

Modular Insert Fenestration System - Fenestration systems of the past (before 1910) were uniquely designed to capture and manage the inevitable moisture leaks that occur, either through or around the fenestration product, and skilled craftsman were employed to ensure this effectiveness.  The Industrial Revolution, however, brought on the development of complete pre-assembled fenestration products that were then installed into a building opening, without consideration for the specific details of the installation.  As a result of this design change, and combined with lower skilled workmanship, moisture intrusion problems involving fenestration products have become chronic. 

Permanent installations:  Why do we permanently install fenestration into a wall, when we know its life expectancy is much less than that of the wall - and that removal of a failed fenestration unit will require destruction of the surrounding wall?

MIFS is a revolutionary new installation methodology that takes advantage of the water management principles of the past, combined with the fabrication efficiencies of today.